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Cayman Islands: The Best Place for Your Home and Property Investment

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  • Cayman Islands: The Best Place For Your Home And Property Investment
Cayman Islands: The Best Place for Your Home and Property Investment

Buying a home in the Cayman Islands is a world-class investment for a world-class lifestyle in world-class surroundings.

Investing in a home in the Cayman Islands is like investing in your own slice of paradise. Besides the obvious attraction of a tropical island lifestyle, it is the modern infrastructure, stable administration, and well-regulated real estate market that allows the Cayman Islands to offer the best value and the best investment protection of all the Caribbean islands.

Add to that, the Cayman Islands’ world-famous status as an offshore financial centre and tax-neutral economy, as well as the high quality of construction and the wide range of properties available – from modest bungalows to luxury condos, sprawling villas and multi-million-dollar beachfront mansions – there is a property to suit just about every well-heeled lifestyle and budget.

Some of the world's richest people call the Cayman Islands home or have luxury real estate holdings in the islands for investment and vacations. The sale of luxury real estate to non-residents is encouraged. The land title is government-guaranteed and there are no restrictions on foreign ownership of a single property. Buying real estate in the Cayman Islands is tax-neutral and any home purchased is free from property or capital gain taxes. In fact, there are no taxes on real estate, profits or income. 

Among its many appealing features, the Cayman Islands is a family-oriented destination, where families are safe to enjoy all the wonderful beaches, restaurants and entertainment that the islands have to offer. English is the official language, telecommunications and transportation are world-class and expat families can choose from five international schools providing primary and secondary education of high-quality.

Besides having the highest per capita income in the entire Caribbean, the Cayman Islands is a place where the local people are friendly and warm, where expats and tourists rub along happily in a cosmopolitan society representing well over 100 countries. New residents quickly appreciate the laid-back atmosphere and enjoy the many lifestyle options available in a friendly and safe environment without undue concern for security.

It is quite common for Cayman Islands realtors to have clients end up using their holiday or investment property as a permanent home. With its white sandy beaches, clear blue waters, lush vegetation and glorious year-round tropical climate, it is no wonder that many tourists who vacation in the Cayman Islands decide they want to become permanent residents. 

The sophisticated property market is controlled by the Cayman Islands Real Estate Brokers Association. Members adhere to strict rules and regulations, a code of ethics, and other guidelines. There is also a Multiple Listing Service which updates real-time property information online, allowing buyers to choose one Cayman Islands realtor while simultaneously having access to every other member’s property listings.

In recent years, the Cayman Islands luxury real estate market has continued to grow due to strong demand and limited supply. New hotels, restaurants and residential properties are springing up all over the islands and many luxury condominium developments are due to be built in the next few years, suggesting an upcoming boom in buying a property in the Cayman Islands

A growing population, along with a higher standard of living and continuing economic growth, point to a bright future both for property investors and people looking to move to their dream home in the Cayman Islands.

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